Monday, August 25, 2008

Electric Vehicles are picking up steam with the DIY crowd!

If the human mind is a super computer then HUNDREDS of minds working to solve the same problem is like parallel computing. Almost like folding@home or the SETI@home system, is a central sharing point where these minds can show their findings in an attempt to build their own electric vehicle.
Some build for the practicality, some for the fun and others build in an attempt to be the next Henry Ford, Dean Kamen or Martin Eberhard. If you are about to embark on the "journey electric" then you should spend a good day or two reviewing the works of nearly 1,800 others who have taken that journey already. Learn from them, maybe ask them for some suggestions or links to resources.
EV Album could end up not only saving you time and money but also helping you to share your creation with the world and WHO knows? Maybe attracting the attention of investors who can help turn your creation into the next vehicle in the electric revolution!

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