Thursday, August 7, 2008

What will be your future fuel? Survey says...

The GasBuddy conducted a little poll asking what YOU thought would be the fuel for the "car of the future".

The results were not too unusual in my opinion (see below)

So, one quarter of the 31,499 people surveyed say electricity will be the fuel of the future. I was one of those 7,875 people.

What I'm curious about is Hydrogen... 13,230 people said their car would be Hydrogen powered. My question is, "Where will we get the Hydrogen?" I'm not expert on Hydrogen, but I do know that the answer better not be "from water" unless the car produces ice-cold drinking water as an exhaust byproduct.

How about you? Do you say Hydrogen is the future? Maybe you could help us see the hydrogen powered "light".


Casey Hooligan said...

Bah! Hydrogen Smydrogen!

Steve G. said...

Haha! Yeah. Now, if you could efficiently convert raw landfill waste into Hydrogen, THEN we could talk about a Hydrogen future.