Thursday, October 2, 2008

eROCKIT has a new prototype for the October show set

(eROCKIT 4.2 is ready for her closeup at Intermot Cologne)

The serial hybrid, electric bike from eROCKIT has undergone some prototype updates bringing her one step closer to retail.  Serial hybrids are powered by an electric engine with batteries that are normally charged by a low powered gas engine, much like the Chevy Volt.  What makes the eROCKIT interesting is that the batteries are charged with pedal power! 

I love the small size and the fact that she can reach 50 mph!  I think they are really on to something.  Now if they could just get the price down to 1/3rd of the current listing of $34,800 USD.  Yeah, I flintched too.  But, understand that this is the handbuilt, start-up pricing.  Stefan Gulas hopes to produce 10 units for 2009.  About the price, Stefan says this (rough translation):
"You'll note that I am not building these machines for mass production, these aren't like cheap electric scooters or clothing from China, but a quick piece of jewelry that doen't need fuel and can save you time and money at the gym."
 Well, that'll be one piece of bling that I'll have to pass on.  Not that I don't love it!  To read a Google translation of the press release go here.

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