Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Elmoto inches closer to production

(The sexy and sturdy looking Elmoto HR-2 as captured at Eurobike by Ian Collins (c)2008)

There's tons of excitement around developments in the light-electric-motorbike arena.  The highly anticipated Ultramotor A2B is currently available in U.S. shops and the front/rear hub driven Elmoto is hot on its trail making it through another round of prototyping and appearing with updates at the 2008 Intermot in Cologne. 

Rumors say the Elmoto will be making her rounds in the U.S. sometime in the middle of 2009.  I can't wait to give her a test ride.  Twin 250W brushless hub motors?  And if you get the W500plus edition (Lithium-Ion) we're looking at speeds of over 37 mph and a distance of nearly 43 miles all that in a 110 lbs package and an operating cost of 70¢ per charge.

If you want to see the Elmoto booth and lots of great product shots, check out this flickr slideshow.  You can also keep your finger on the pulse of the Elmoto on the Electric Motorcycle Forum here.  They even get responses from Elmoto founder Oliver Wittke!

Expect to see the finished product sometime after April with a price of around $5400 USD.  LOVE THE COLORS!

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