Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New solar cell material achieves almost 100% efficiency, could solve world-wide energy problems

(The singularity is near!  Looks like Nike might have their BTTF Hyperdunk shoes done in time for the 2015 release date after all!)

This is one of the most important advancements in green tech to ever reach your eyes... and we can thank a computer accident for it!  That's right, it seems researchers at Ohio State University have accidentally discovered a new solar cell material that is capable of absorbing all of the sun's visible light energy, theoretically giving the potential for a near 100% efficiency rating and totally blowing the 61% efficiency managed by previous science experiments, out of the proverbial water.

Don't look for this technology to be mass produced anytime soon, but barring any unforeseen anomalies in Y2K12, you might just see these in time to power up your flying car and auto-lacing sneakers. w00t!

Go to TGDaily to read the whole article.

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