Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An old icon meets a new movement - The Honda EV-Cub

To go with our deep-fried Snickers donut and triple shot of organic wheatgrass this morning our friend Akisan gives us this to munch on... the Honda announcement of their plans for the 41st Annual Tokyo Motor show (Oct 24 - Nov 4).  There's the normal amount of car and motorcycle stuff, but buried in that list of sportbikes, cruisers and cars is a special little treat... the EV-Cub concept.  See it there in the image?  Right there in the middle next to the Honda omnidirectional segway styled unicycle the UX-3?  All clean and white and red?  We're probably still two or three battery technology generations away from them actually producing the EV-Cub, but it's nice to imagine. 

The EV-Cub concept is part of Honda's HELLO! (Honda Electric mobility Loop) Zone at TMS 2009, which features many of Honda's latest green technological developments including zero CO2 vehicles powered by solar and hydrogen generated electricity.

Another electric scooter concept on display was the EVE-neo (below), which looks like it's ready for the road.  Details on this baby are scarce at this time, but we're certain to have more specs and photos in the coming weeks.

Honda says to also expect the PCX 125 to show up as well as "other" items.  We'll keep you posted! Arigato once again to Aki for the scoop!

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