Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The BMW C1 is back... TO THE FUTURE!

We've been getting LOTS of excited emails on this HOT scoop from green.AutoBlog's Jeremy Korzeniewski.  He's got a full line of pretty images and some details on the possible return of the BMW C1 in the form of the C1-E concept.  My first response is "PLEASE be more than just a concept!"  followed shortly by a "PLEASE come to the USA!".

I'm pretty sure BMW is going to hold this card until we see some battery tech improvements coupled with a couple of years of skyrocketing gas prices.  The C1 was a GREAT, proven feat of engineering from a safety standpoint.  There were only few minor flaws with the old design; slightly poky performance, a tad bit top-heavy & wind prone and a hefty sticker price.  The only MAJOR flaw from BMW was hoping that UK safety departments would bend the rules to allow C1 commuters to ride without a helmet... that never passed, so charging people the extra loot and not offering a solution for helmet hair proved fatal to the C1, living only two years before vanishing from showroom floors.

Thanks to Grant and Fred for being the first two to serve up that fresh scoop!

I'd love to experience the return of the dream (as seen below)

I may end up having to settle for THIS instead.

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