Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dislike your hike? You'll like the YikeBike!

Sorry for the Seuss inspired headline... I'm at home with the kids today. If you've gotten this far, then you're about to find out about one of the most unique and practical, portable electric transport designs to date.  Take a genius, like Grant Ryan, driven by a desire to outdo the Segway; give him five years of R&D resources and you end up with one of Time Magazine's Best 50 Inventions of 2009; basically an electric mini-farthing that is the smallest, and lightest (<22 lbs) electric folding bicycle available in the world.

Built with some of our favorite exotics and cutting edge technologies (carbon fiber composites, low-cost nontoxic nano lithium iron phosphate batteries, Hi-vis LED headlights and indicators, electronic anti-lock braking) the YikeBike has a top speed of 15.5 MPH (average bicycling speeds) and range of 6.2 miles per 40 minute charge.  Translation?  You will own the downtown city streets on this baby.  My home-to-downtown commute would be pushing the limits of the YikeBike, but now I could park in the cheap spots, whip this baby out of the trunk or off of my luggage rack and race to the office... Better yet!  Ride it to the bus stop, fold it up (20 seconds) climb aboard and just ride to the office from the downtown stop (last mile commuter usage).  Oh, if you don't have 40 minutes for a full charge, you can get an 80% charge (5 miles) in just 20 minutes (while you're grabbin' a quick lunch somewhere).

If you've got $136.00 you can put down a reservation and be one of the proud, early adopters of one of these marvels of engineering (after you've paid the remaining $4,300).  If you're one of the first 100 to pre-order, your production model should be ready for deliver from New Zealand by this Summer.  Parts are arriving as we speak and remember, early adopters make it possible for game-changers like the YikeBike to reach mass production and who knows what sort of effect that will have on congestion and pollution in America or the world!  Not to mention all the geek-points you'll get around the office.

You can follow the YikeBike's progress on Twitter and via the YikeBike blog.

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