Monday, July 28, 2008

Neil Young - Heart of Gold and a car that's Green

(The Linc Volt's work in progress)

When Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend Neil Young wanted to go green, he didn't necessarily want to go modern. It would be a bit hard to imagine that an old rock and roller like Neil would feel "at home" in some fangled new "slot-car. He must have felt the same way because he went through to the trouble to convert an old American land yacht into a biodiesel / electric hybrid. His 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV, the Linc-Volt gets up to 100 miles per gallon on the highway. The Linc-Volt is a contender for the Progressive Automotive X Prize. Hats off to you Progressive for hosting such a noble competition.

I love the idea of turning old vehicles into a "renewable resource". It's cheaper, cleaner and a lot less sad than just melting it down. The classic style lives on with a heart of green. I would personally like to stuff an electric set up into a 1960's Vespa.

Keep an eye out for the video documentary. Updates to be released on the Linc-Volt website HERE>. Hats off to the Goodwin-Young Team and best of luck on winning than $10 million dollar prize! The competition begins in September 2009.

Here's Jay Leno telling you why this competition is so important.

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Ranger Bob said...

"I would personally like to stuff an electric set up into a 1960's Vespa."

There you go! :-)